Yesterday's April Fool's Email...No, We Are Not Changing Our Name!

Dear Resister,

We hoped you enjoyed our annual April Fool's joke email! (See here if you missed it!)
We live in some serious times and humor has always helped us as a community face them. As George Orwell once said, "every joke is a tiny revolution."
If there was any confusion, we are definitely not changing our name from "Resist" to "Respect!"
We were named Resist after our founding document, "A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority" and that legacy will always be in our blood. The only people we respect are those who resist power.
So rest assured, Resist will always remain part of the resistance. What has made us a special foundation for over five decades and the reason we are able to not be swayed or influenced by those in power is because of the community that comprises Resist. All of the money we raise comes from individuals like you and never will we attach any strings to those funds.
Thank you for believing in the work that we do. 
To Resisting Illegitimate Authority now and forever!
Resist Staff
P.S. We want to share some of the best responses we received from you!
You made me laugh (early in the morning).  Let's keep the resistance. 

Good one, you almost had me for the first couple of paragraphs given all the org name changes going on.  But once I saw Respect I got the joke. Glad Resist is still Resist!!!!
This is too good. I love you guys.
What a great way to promote Resist! It would not be uncalled for at all to change RESIST to RESPECT!  
Resist's gives oppressed communities the ability to fight for and win RESPECT! 
Wishing you and all at RESIST a Happy Golden Anniversary, celebrate and wishes for 50 more years!
I was well into your email (but not the P.S.) when I realized the date at which point I started laughing for a prolonged period and my wife asked from across the room what I was laughing about. That has got to be one of the best April Fools Jokes I remember.

I was scared for like 2 seconds... then I laughed! #Respect

This is fabulous!  You actually had me fooled at least halfway through.  I will be sending in a contribution soon.
Terrific, I plan to send $1000 check made out to Respect. Love the idea.
You slay me, Saif!!!!
LMAO I love y'all this is too funny
Barely awake, yours was the first email I read this morning. First surprised, I read on with growing wonderment about where this was going. Then increasing puzzlement about how you were going to get out of this box you were constructing. And not liking it. It was turning simply unbelievable. But not until you announced the holiday that i did I wake up and pop free! Good job! Congratulations!
Love ya all.  Keep up the fight for rights and protection of the people.