Why Leave Resist in Your Estate Plan?

Resist has always been a different type of foundation.

Our story begins on October 21, 1967 when activists issued the "Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority" to oppose the Vietnam War. Over the following decades, Resist has grown to become an essential supporter of many movements that have propelled our society towards justice and liberation.

Celebrating 50 Years

As we celebrate our 50th  anniversary, we reflect  on what we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to progressive donors. Resist has supported thousands of groups working on the frontlines for gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQ freedom, immigrants’ rights, economic and environmental justice.

Movements for social change have transformed since Resist’s founding, and Resist continues to transform with them. Today, we fund progressive organizations that are resisting, reimagining, healing, and transforming towards the world we want to see.

Leave a Legacy of Resistance

Today’s world was just a vision 50 years ago. While we can’t predict the struggles of the next 50 years, we do know that strong grassroots communities  will always be a core element of democratic progress.  Resist is committed to supporting frontline activists building a just and free world for the next half century and beyond.

Like Resist’s founders, we can pay forward resources to assist with future struggles. That’s why we encourage you to remember Resist in your estate plan.  By doing so, you will be supporting new generations of activists and advocates in the ongoing fight for liberation.

Throughout history, groups of people have taken leaps together, unsure of where exactly they might land but with a shared vision for a better future. We hope that your legacy donation to Resist is a commitment to another leap yet again. Together we can continue to make the impossible possible.

If you would like more information please contact Kendra at kendra@resist.org or call 617-623-5110.