About Board of Directors

Joby Gelbspan

Joby has organized for decades against many forms of oppression and abuse, especially those perpetrated with the power and shield of big corporations. She especially loves to share financial tools and analysis to help people build strategic and sustainable movements, individually and organizationally. She has served a range of groups in roles from adviser to director to CFO, and currently coordinates corporate research and financial analysis for Corporate Accountability International’s grassroots campaigns. She also teaches on politically-informed investing, and shows up in her local Providence community in as many other ways as her limited human form will allow.

Aly Thomas

Aly Thomas is an active voice in the Black Lives Matter movement both on her college campus and in her hometown of Bristol. She is a founding member of Bristol Feminists and has helped to organize drives to help homeless and low-income women have access to feminine hygiene products. She has also conducted meetings to promote an understanding of world events and to end Islamiphobia. When asked what women’s issue is most important to her, Aly said she is passionate about uplifting the narratives of queer, trans, disabled, poor and hyper-marginalized African, Afro-Caribbean and African-American women and feminine people.

Camilo Viveiros

Camilo Viveiros works on immigrant worker issues and multi-ethnic/multi-racial economic justice organizing with students, youth and seniors in southern New England. Presently he is the director of Rhode Island Jobs with Justice. Born to immigrant parents, Camilo was raised in the working class immigrant community of Fall River. He has been involved in work for social justice for virtually his whole life. He has a long background in tenant organizing and different methods of community organizing.